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To Make Critical Decisions Well During a Tec Dive – Don’t Make Critical Decisions During a Tec Dive.

By: Karl Shreeves – PADI Education and Content Development Executive     During a 1988 conflict between Iran and Iraq, a U.S. AEGIS class missile cruiser under orders to protect U.S. interests and shipping was escorting U.S. vessels passing through the Persian Gulf, when two Iranian F-4 fighters took off from a near-by airbase. Instead …

Technical Divers – Diving Diseases Research Centre needs your help

The Diving Diseases Research Centre based in Plymouth, UK is conducting a research project relating to technical divers. Diving Diseases Research Centre If you can spare a few minutes of your time to help them to gain a better insight into the general health and diving practices of technical divers, they would be very grateful. …

Critical Decisions in Tec Diving

Karl Shreeves talk on this topic was well received when he delivered it in the technical section of DEMA on Thursday, November 15.  

TecRec at DEMA

  Some of PADI’s tec diving experts at the TecRec stand in DEMA yesterday. Georgia Hausserman’s talk was well attended there yesterday; don’t miss Karl Shreeves’ talk Critical Decisions in Tec Diving – Nov 15th at 1-2pm in row 2900.

 New Standards Published by Rebreather Training Council

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) is the body representing training agencies providing courses for divers using rebreathers. In the last two years, the RTC has published training standards for recreational and technical rebreather divers. Now, the RTC has published two further standards delineating two further stages in a diver’s development, both advanced technical diving levels. …

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