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Increased flexibility for Rebreather Courses

It’s now six years since the PADI Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Diver courses were launched and this has been a growing area of interest for PADI divers ever since. With increasing popularity and the continued development of rebreathers, the courses have evolved a lot, often due to feedback from PADI Rebreather Instructors. The 4th Quarter 2017 Training Bulletin announces a few more tweaks for the […]

First Standard Published by Rebreather Training Council

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) is the body representing training organisations providing courses for divers using rebreathers. The RTC has just published its first training standard which indicates the minimum requirements for a level of training. This first standard is named the RTC Rebreather Diver Level 1 and delineates a stage in a diver’s development where they are trained to […]

Quick North Florida Cave Visit

PADI ‘s Karl Shreeves (l), PADI Master Instructor Renee Power and DAN’s Peter Buzzacott share a post-dive smile after diving the Devil’s Eye system 13 August. The trio dived Peacock the previous day (a bit murky in the basin due to low rainfall).

Tips for a Clean Technical Diving Rig – Part 1

  By Donny McFadden – Technical Diving Division Consultant Technical Diving requires a substantial amount of equipment. With it all laid out in front of you it may look like a lot. However with the right equipment selection and smart placement – divers can enjoy a clean, practical and safe Technical Dive Rig. This blog is part 1 of a […]

Poseidon Se7en with M28 handset can now be used at Tec 100 CCR level

GREAT NEWS!!!! Poseidon have registered the Poseidon Se7en Tec Rebreather with the M28 handset for use on PADI’s Tec 100 CCR courses. With lots of additional features and the facility for even more the M28 is a great addition to the Poseidon Se7en and, of course, can be used at preceding levels of recreational and technical training and diving. Keep […]

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